5% Nutrition Egg White Crystals - Chocolate

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Egg White Crystals are 100% Pure Egg White Protein

Eggs have a protein efficacy ratio that make it the highest of any available protein source, and a net protein utilization higher than beef, milk, and whey protein! 


Most protein powders have over 120 calories per scoop, plus the additional fat and carbs that comes with it. 5% Nutrition’s Egg White Crystals pack in 20 GRAMS of quality protein per serving, with ZERO FAT and ZERO CARBS! *90 calories per serving vs. 120 calories in Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey 


“The Biological Value (BV) is a scale of measurement used to determine what percentage of a given nutrient source is utilized by the body. The scale is most frequently applied to protein sources.” 

The era of high-heat dried, cooked, and damaged protein powders is over. Egg White Crystals are a REAL PROTEIN source - meaning it’s convenient, affordable, and versatile. Egg White Crystals provide you with a protein source you can trust and count on. Your new protein choice is now CRYSTAL CLEAR


Just like our original REAL CARBS carbohydrate source, Egg White Crystals taste great as a stand-alone meal and are easy to mix into your pre and post workout shake. Unlike liquid egg whites, they can be stored alongside any protein powder and don’t require refrigeration. Just clean egg white protein in a convenient serving. 

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