Contest Prep - Coaching for NPC/IFBB with Body Composition Scans

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Anyone who lives near Port St Lucie or is willing to travel to compete with the team in Florida, this program is for you. We literally do everything for you! With over 12 years experience we cover everything you can think of, and may things you would never imagined.
Start to finish we take care of everything!  We will provide more than any other team or coach, guaranteed!

This Package also includes our new cutting edge body composition scans


  • Structured Meal Plan with updates as needed 
  • Detailed Workouts for each stage of your training updated every 3 weeks
  • Specific Cardio or Plyometric schedule
  • Unlimited contact or meetings with your coach and access to text message, email and phone support
  • Detailed instructions for the final week before your show (peak week)
  • •Access to weekly group workouts and Posing seminars
  • •Presentation Consultaion -Advice on suit selection, hair, makeup and tan
  • •Discounts on one-on-one training sessions at Anytime Fitness Port St Lucie 
  • Team Sponsorship from CJ's Elite with up to $450 off your competition bikini or posing suit  (this literally covers your prep cost)
  • Group posing sessions offered twice weeKly Mon 7:30pm, Sat 12:00pm
  • A sweet Imperial Physiques team jacket
  • $25-$50 Discount on your Contest tan the day before the show, and touch ups on show day 
  • Access to our amazing Makeup team on show day (additional $65 fee to be paid to the artist)
  • A killer team photo shoot the day after the show so you have amazing pictures of how good you'll look.
  • Discounts from our other partner companies***- Glam Comp Jewelry, Meg Liz Swim, Celestial Bodiez, Better Bodies, GASP

Before we start your program you will meet with Nicholas Venazio to get a full body composition analysis using the ACCUNIQ BC-380.   This cutting edge technology gives you:

Up to 98% accurate readings of:

  1. Body fat 
  2. Visceral fat 
  3. Water weight 
  4. Skeletal mass 
  5. Muscle mass 
  6. Symmetry (left to right, top to bottom 
  7. Biological age 
  8. Target weight 
  9. Basal Metabolic rate 
  10. Total daily energy expenditure

Every 3 weeks we can do another scan to see your results.   Each scan is usually priced at $30 (you save $125 over the course of your prep)

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*prep can last anywhere from 6 -20 weeks.  We will not put you on stage until you are ready.

*After your first show additional shows prep packages are given a  heavy discount.  We believe in loyalty and family!