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This Package includes our new cutting edge body composition scans.   You will receive a scan during your initial 30 minute consultation and another one at the end of the 15 week journey to show you scientific data to support your amazing transformation.

Before we start your program you will meet with Nicholas Venazio to get a full body composition analysis using the ACCUNIQ BC-380.   This cutting edge technology gives you:

Up to 98% accurate readings of:

  1. Body fat 
  2. Visceral fat 
  3. Water weight 
  4. Skeletal mass 
  5. Muscle mass 
  6. Symmetry (left to right, top to bottom 
  7. Biological age 
  8. Target weight 
  9. Basal Metabolic rate 
  10. Total daily energy expenditure

We will also scan after 8 weeks to show you the progress you are making and again at the end of the 15 weeks we will do another scan to see your amazing results.   Each scan is usually priced at $30 (You get 3 for free as part of this program)



Structured Meal Plan with updates as needed

Detailed Workouts for each stage of your training updated every 3 weeks

Specific Cardio or Plyometric schedule

Unlimited contact or meetings with your coach Nicholas Venazio and access to text message, email and phone support

Detailed instructions for your meals and workouts

Discounts on one-on-one training sessions at Anytime Fitness Port St Lucie

Detailed workout guides.

6 workouts per sheet for specific body parts.  

Each sheet is designed to last 3 weeks.

You will get 5 sheets.   Each sheet progressively gets harder than the last.

The workouts are very detailed.   They specify the order of exercises, the weight and rep range for each one and have a specific cardio request following each weight training regimen. 

When purchased you will have support and all of your questions will be answered with great detail.  

You will also get access to our detailed youtube workout video library.

Meal Plan/Nutrition Guide

Our custom meal plans have been tested and proven over and over again.   A well balanced diet based on nutrient timing and proper macros will get you the results you are after.   Learn what to eat and the optimum time to consume certain foods.  This paln is based on our competition meal plan but can be customized to fit any goal or lifestyle.

Once Purchased you will receive an email confirmation with two links to web forms that need to be filled out.  These answers  allow the  meal plan to be customized just for you.  Fill them out ASAP, and remember the more detailed your answers the better the plan will fit your needs.

We also post weekly prep friendly recipes to our instagram page! 

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