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Breach Ballistic is the next generation in BCAA formulas, now with the added benefit of caffeine and antioxidants. Breach Ballistic dramatically aids in recovery, performance, and is shown to decrease a considerable amount of muscle soreness. With the added brain enhancers it makes for a highly effective performance drink that can be consumed throughout the day to build muscle and keep you mentally locked in to perform at your best -  regardless of the task at hand. 

BCAA’s account for 1/3 of muscle tissue. Simply put, if you are not supplementing with BCAA’s you are not maximizing your performance. And as a serious weight trainer or athlete we are constantly breaking down muscle tissue through exercise making Breach Ballistic a necessary staple in your supplement program. 



How much caffeine is in BREACH Ballistic?  

Per serving (1 scoop), BREACH BALLISTIC contains 150mg of caffeine.  Caffeine comes from Caffeine anhydrous, dicaffeine malate and theobromine.  

How is BREACH BALLISTIC different from original BREACH?  

BREACH and BREACH BALLISTC are the same product except BREACH BALLISTIC has the addition of 3 caffeine sources and choline bitatrate for mental focus.  


If you want to increase your BCAA consumption while minimizing your caffeine intake, you can mix a scoop of original BREACH with each scoop of BREACH BALLISTIC you take. 

Does BREACH BALLISTIC still aid in recover or just energy now?  

BREACH BALLISTIC still has all the same muscle building and recovery benefits of BREACH, it just has energy and focus components added. 

Why did you remove the coconut water powder?  

For BREACH BALLISTIC, our focus was on energy and focus along with preventing muscle breakdown.  With regular BREACH, our primary focus was anti-catabolism and hydration, so when we added the stimulant component for BREACH BALLISTIC, we dropped the coconut water powder. 

What is the BCAA ratio of BREACH BALLISTIC?

The BCAA ratio in BREACH and BREACH BALLISTIC is 2:1:1. 

How should I take BREACH BALLISTIC?  

The optimal way to take BREACH BALLISTIC is to use it as an alternative to your coffee throughout the day (mix 1-2 scoops with 20-24 oz of water and sip during the day) or you can take it as a mild pre-workout that is loaded with BCAAs (1-2 scoops mixed with 10-12 oz of water prior to training).  Also, if you follow a fasted diet or do fasted cardio in the am, BREACH BALLISTIC is the ideal gym partner to get you your daily energy while offsetting muscle breakdown. 

If I use TOTAL WAR for my pre-workout, how can I incorporate BREACH BALLISTIC?  

If you use TOTAL WAR as your pre-workout and you still want to take advantage of the all-day energized BCAAs from BREACH BALLISTIC, there are a few ways to approach the situation.  If you train first thing in the am, take TOTAL WAR pre-training and then by mid-afternoon when you need an energy boost, mix 1-2 scoops of BREACH BALLISTIC and sip on it through the afternoon.  If you train in the afternoon, we suggest starting your day with a serving or two of BREACH BALLISTIC and sipping through the morning.  

How many servings of BREACH BALLISTIC can I take daily?  

With BREACH BALLISTIC containing 150mg of caffeine per serving, and knowing people take multiple sources of caffeine throughout the day, we suggest 1-2 scoops of BREACH BALLISTIC daily with no more than 3 scoops per day.